My name is Sierra Jones and I’m the head Girls Basketball coach at Mae Jemison High School in Huntsville,AL. At the end of my first year, I looked at our jerseys as they were 5 years old, numbers faded, tears all over the jerseys, and I said to myself we have to get new jersey’s. I looked at our account and knew I couldn’t afford $2,400, as I was still fundraising for other expenses. I reached out to PALS, filled out the form, and prayed PALS would be able to sponsor the jerseys. A few weeks later, I received an email that PALS was going to write a check to cover both home and away jerseys. I was in near tears, as one of my missions at Jemison is to provide these kids with the best possible as they grow up not receiving things that they should due to their circumstance. I am beyond thankful for PALS, when my girls put the jerseys on they had big smiles and so excited and proud to have their jerseys on. I’m forever thankful for PALS, and their ministry.

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